Maker Mix / 50 LBS.

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The core of the Kodiak Pro system, Maker Mix is our UHPC white bagged mix, which reimagines the capabilities of concrete. It has been specially designed for optimal reaction to the ONLY sealer we trust – the one we sell, ICT.

Maker Mix is truly the Swiss army knife of concrete mixes. Simply adjust dosages of The Best Plasticizer (TBP), fiber type and loading to create SCC GFRC mixes for flawless modern casts. Other applications include ECC mixes for a Dusty-Crete aesthetic and amazing UCT mixes for crafting upright-cast finishes.

Maker Mix is packaged in 50 lb bags.


  • Bag net weight: 50 LBS. / 22.68 kg.
  • Yield per bag: 0.37 ft³ / 10,477 cm³
  • Sprayable facecoat yield: 30 ft² / 2.78 m²
  • Total cementitious content per bag: 22 LBS. / 9.87 kg.