About Kodiak Pro


Developed by craftsmen with decades of experience in cutting-edge concrete projects, Kodiak Pro is a line of ultra-high-performance concrete bagged mixes, admixes and sealer.

The Kodiak Pro system was born out of necessity – there were simply no products on the market able to achieve the strength, surface quality and finishes we demanded. So, we set out to build our own. The result is a better concrete with superior ingredients.


Learn how to craft the world's finest concrete materials into exceptional concrete pieces.

As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats." Which is why our mission is to elevate the level of design, craftsmanship and visibility of high-end concrete. In order for concrete to be recognized as a premier artisanal material, it should be fashioned at a master level. By training professionals and those just learning the craft, we help artisans reach their full potential and benefit the industry as a whole – increasing the value of finely produced concrete in the process. 

Since 2005, more than 1,400 artisans have attended training workshops at Concrete Design School (C.D.S.). During this time, we have built a reputation for excellence in the industry, which is why so many have trusted us to teach the art of high-end concrete design. What sets us apart is experience, and we invite you to experience the difference. Register for a hands-on workshop today. 


You’ll learn from craftsmen who are currently creating custom concrete pieces for high-end clientele. People who practice their trade daily will teach you the same techniques used to operate successful, award-winning concrete businesses. These workshops offer instruction on the latest techniques and insights in concrete design.


If you’re going to spend money on a concrete class, shouldn’t someone currently making a living in concrete design and fabrication teach it? It has always been our goal to offer our attendees “tried and true” skills from qualified instructors that successfully run their own businesses. Our instructors innovate and master unique approaches through years of trial and error - client project after client project. That is the value in what they bring to the table and teach to every attendee of our workshops.

What sets our training apart is the relevance of our information. The school’s position under the GDCos. umbrella allows us to give you current, real-world knowledge of what it takes to make it in this profession today

Every day we …  

  • Quote Client Projects
  • Mix and Cast Concrete
  • Get our Hands Dirty
  • Finish and Seal 
  • Crate, Ship and Deliver Products

And we’ll show you how we do it, using products and techniques proven to work.


At C.D.S., our workshops focus on the following skills to help you reach the level of quality expected at the highest echelon of architecture and interior design: 

  • Design We create a unique concrete product in every class, never making the same piece twice. We’ll also discuss ways you can develop and improve your own individual and marketable style.
  • Tools The equipment used to manufacture concrete is changing rapidly. Our workshops include the most cutting-edge tools in the industry and the best ones for the job. 
  • Materials We'll show you how to push Kodiak Pro materials to extremes that would cause other products to crumble. 
  • Method What is paramount in your instruction is learning the technique to create quality, high-end custom concrete. No other training program offers more practical insights and real-world experience with these methods.
  • Business Practices Learn proven processes for operating a successful concrete business from people actually operating successful concrete businesses.

Spark your interest? Visit www.ConcreteDesignSchool.com to see our most current class schedule and register for the next workshop!