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Concrete Evolved.

The Origins of Kodiak Pro

Kodiak Pro was born out of necessity. For nearly 20 years, we sought out the best concrete products to craft our work. In addition to finding the materials lacking, we also saw a lack of knowledge and customer service amongst most vendors.

So, we set out to make the products we always longed for, and in the process treated people the way we wanted to be treated. That path led us here to the current Kodiak Pro product line. We have no doubts that we have created the finest concrete products ever produced for concrete professionals, because they are made by concrete professionals. Welcome to the future of concrete, where we write our own story.

Maker Mix

Maker Mix is the finest pre-blended concrete bagged mix available bar none. This is truly a mix for the trade, by the trade. Your reputation rides on what you craft with concrete, use the best.

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