Kodiak Pro is a collaborative partnership between Brandon Gore, Jon Schuler and Andrew Lin.


Brandon Gore has been a disruptor to the status quo of the concrete industry since starting his high-end concrete sink, countertop and furniture business in 2004. At the time his business began, the only mixes readily available required steel rebar reinforcement and weighed a ton – literally!

Through a chance encounter Brandon learned of a product called GFRC. He then contacted and befriended the late Hiram Ball, considered the Godfather of GFRC. This relationship inspired him to learn the art of utilizing GFRC for concrete countertops and sinks. Brandon taught the first workshop on the subject in 2005.

In 2006, Brandon developed fabric-forming, a now widely used method to create complex shapes with concrete. He taught the world’s first class on this subject in 2008. Since then, he has refined these techniques and invented new ways to cast concrete using injection casting and other methods.

Over the years, as designs became more innovative, the lack of quality concrete mixes became the craft’s point of failure. Something had to change. A new mix was needed, one that was made specifically for this type of work. This was the genesis of Kodiak Pro.

Jon Schuler, like Brandon, has disrupted the industry for decades. Like most people who play the role of disruptor, he is a figure that people either love or hate – which anyone worth their salt will tell you is a sign of doing something right.

Those in the concrete industry will either sing his praises or condemn him, but the undeniable truth lies in those who have found success with Jon’s innovative sealer. The list of believers includes a multitude of successful top-tier companies, some of which have been using Jon’s sealer for over a decade.

In addition to changing the game with ICT, Jon was also a pioneer of Upright Casting. Jon brings the highest level of tech support available to Kodiak Pro, with 20 years of educated experience as the developer and inspiration behind many of the widely adopted materials and products used in the concrete countertop industry today.

Sharing the same values and commitment to craftsmanship at all costs, these two industry rogues were bound to form a friendship. Jon and Brandon met in 2006, and have been working together ever since, forever redefining what concrete and sealer can do in the process.

Andrew Lin is a corporate attorney with a passion for concrete design, and the buttoned-down member of a crew of concrete outlaws. Prior to joining Kodiak Pro, Andrew held positions at Jones Day, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

He brings a wealth of business and legal acumen to the team from his experiences consulting and guiding growth and development of multinational companies. Andrew assists with all matters related to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and brand protection. He also focuses on cross border transactions, private equity, and venture capital. Notable clients and partners from Andrew’s career include Micron Technology, CMA CGM, The Coca-Cola Company, Starbucks Corporation, Nestle S.A., among many others.

Andrew’s fascination with all things concrete began as a hobby. His interests include everything from sustainable designs in architecture to timeless interiors and simple design objects. Though educated as a lawyer, Andrew was intrigued with how to create and build quality products out of concrete. Knowing his enthusiasm for the craft and his constant strive towards innovation, Andrew sought out Brandon Gore. After their first introduction at one of Brandon’s concrete design workshops, Andrew became an immediate supporter, and eventually put his skills to use for Kodiak Pro.