Jon + BG, Kodiak Pro - Happy New Year, Online Tutorials

2021 was quite the year for all of us, but we made it! Brandon and Jon discuss questions from listeners, as well as the introduction of the following new online video tutorials:

We’re so incredibly grateful to you, our podcast listeners, and to all of our Kodiak Pro family! In 2022 we want to help you grow your business to new levels - let’s do this!

Thank you!

-BG + Jon


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We are holding a Kodiak Pro OPEN STUDIO on Monday, February 28th, in Eureka Springs, AR. Come join us for a day of concrete fun, gain confidence with the Kodiak Pro product lineup, and learn new ways to do things. The event starts at 9am and will go into the early evening. The cost is $100 per person, and includes some pretty sweet Kodiak Pro schwag, light refreshments, and cold beer in the evening:…ureka-springs-ar

And lastly, if you are interested in attending the Spring 2022 ‘Pinnacle Concrete Camp’ to learn about Fabric-Forming Concrete Sinks, GFRC, UHPC, Concrete Countertops, DustyCrete, Upright Casting, Sealing concrete for the real world, and the business of running a concrete business, join us February 21-26 in Eureka Springs, AR:…crete-camp