How To Maximize Time Value and Revitalize Concrete Countertops in Challenging Conditions

Amidst sweeping blizzards, BG and Jon brave the cold to share insights on The Concrete Podcast. They delve into the value of time—how much you're willing to sell it for to clients—and the art of reviving concrete countertops, despite the challenges posed by the original sealer. In the icy embrace of winter, they share insights that cut through the frost.


C.D.S., renowned for its advanced training, is now addressing the demand for a beginner's class. With over two decades of hands-on experience as skilled concrete artisans, crafting exquisite countertops and sinks, our highly qualified instructors are set to lead a comprehensive 1.5-day workshop. Participants will acquire expertise in templating, form building, precise concrete mix calculations, tool utilization, batch mixing techniques, casting methods, curing methods, de-molding, blemish correction, concrete sealing, and installation proficiency through insightful discussions. This workshop serves as the ideal entry point for those embarking on their concrete journey, emphasizing the importance of a strong foundation. Investing in this training is a crucial step toward a promising future in the concrete industry, guided by seasoned concrete experts. Join us for this invaluable learning experience!

February 10-11, 2024, Goddard, Kansas, USA


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