BG + Jon, Kodiak Pro - Stormy Skies and Concrete Tile: Unveiling Hypocrisy and Shark Encounters

On a somber, storm-laden night, a tempestuous squall ravaged the plains, rousing BG from slumber to discover a fallen tree atop his truck. This predicament could either signal the commencement of an ill-fated day or an unforeseen chance to capture a podcast, just moments before a much-needed respite. Within the depths of 'The Concrete Podcast,' BG and Jon engage in discourse concerning concrete tile, tile mix design, and adhesives crafted explicitly for such purposes. Unveiling the duplicitous practices of salesmen peddling foam-crete as they hypocritically advocate for its acceptance becomes a focal point of their conversation. Astonishingly, the dialogue veers into the realm of harrowing encounters with the merciless jaws of ravenous sharks. Ultimately, investing one's time in the auditory realm of this episode of 'The Concrete Podcast' proves to be a judicious choice.



How the day started for BG:
Here is the meme referenced in the podcast:
And here is the photo and quote about Tesla that we discussed:

“You state that I have misinterpreted my results, and it looks as though you believe my views to be unsound. Your arguments are those of an eminent scholar. I was myself a fair scholar. For years I pondered, so to speak, day and night over books, and filled my head with sound views – very sound ones, indeed – those of others. But I could not get to practical results. I then began to work and think independently. Gradually my views became unsound, but they conducted me to some sound results.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Mr. Tesla On Sound Views.” Electrical Review, London, November 21, 1890.

In the realm of concrete, the majority remains bound by the safety of the past, while a daring few forge ahead, blazing a trail into the future.



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