BG + Jon, Kodiak Pro - Important First Step for Sealing Concrete, Birds of a Feather

Perseverance is the key to success. This week, Brandon was tested in the studio when a form blew out, DURING A FACEBOOK LIVESTREAM, and he spent the next 3 hours cleaning up the mess - but they rebuilt the form, batched out more mix, and got it cast that evening! The Japanese have a saying, "Nana korobi ya oki”, which roughly translates as, “fall down seven times, get up eight.” Keep getting up! When haters and trolls try to bring you down, keep persevering. When you think you’ve run as far as you can, remember how far you’ve come, and run a little farther. 




We have scheduled our next, and subsequently last, Concrete Design School Pinnacle Concrete Camp at Brandon Gore’s rammed earth studio in Eureka Springs, AR! (BG sold his Eureka Springs rammed earth house and studio - crazy, I know. It took 6 years to build, but onwards and upwards.) If you are interested in learning or expanding your skillset with GFRC, UHPC, fabric-forming, concrete sinks, concrete countertops, DustyCrete, upright casting, troweling, finishing, sealing, sales and marketing, and more, then this is your class! 

The 6-day hands-on workshop is scheduled for June 20-25, 2022, and spaces are limited. Summer classes in Eureka Springs, AR are awesome, as the town is a vacation destination in the summer months - great food, drink, and live music abound.

Interest has been high, we are already more than halfway full, so if you want to secure your spot, register today!

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