BG + Jon, Kodiak Pro - A Frame of Reference: Exploring Materials, Originality, and Concrete Techniques

Having a perspective is essential in every aspect of running a thriving business. It enables us to comprehend the potential of materials, as well as the concept of originality. Imagine trying to grasp the concept of arctic cold if you have only experienced life on a tropical island. To truly understand something, you need to consider both contrasting viewpoints. Join BG and Jon in their discussion as they delve into topics such as coloring concrete with glazes, the techniques of rammed earth and Ramm-Crete, covering concrete with plastic, and much more!




Photo sent by a customer - the piece on the left was cast with Kodiak Pro Maker Mix, the piece on the right was made with a readily available competitors mix:



Join us for an immersive 2.5-day workshop called the Concrete Hero's Quest. In this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with Joe Bates and team as we embark on a unique project: constructing and casting an exceptional post-tensioned concrete table that sets new industry standards. This table will be cast in an upright position and feature an exquisite hand-tooled finish.

Following the table construction, we will delve into the realm of innovation by employing the exclusive Ramm-Crete technique, developed by the renowned Brandon Gore. This groundbreaking method of casting cladding panels is not taught anywhere else, making our workshop a truly exceptional learning experience. Brandon Gore, a prominent rammed earth builder, with the help of materials visionary Jon Schuler, has ingeniously adapted Kodiak Pro RADmix to achieve the stunning Ramm-Crete finish.

During the workshop, we will collaborate closely to ensure the pieces are flawlessly finished and sealed to perfection. Finally, we will proceed to install the completed works, culminating in a satisfying conclusion to the workshop.

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